Monday, September 07, 2009

The Weekend Comes to an End

Saturday evening after our potluck dinner we again circled the fire pit for a campfire and conversation. Just wish the mosquitos were better trained!
Sunday morning we had another potluck meal as our breakfast. I especially enjoy these breakfasts. We always seem to have a nice variety of breakfast foods, egg dishes, casseroles, breads and fruits. Tom and I went down to the Bass Pro Shop, north of Richmond, later in the day. There is a really nice restaurant there so we shopped and then we had dinner. After returning to the campground, we sat around talking with others. Later in the evening we had pie and ice cream around the final campfire for this outing.
This morning we had breakfast of ham and cheese on croissants before packing up and heading in various directions. We wanted to get on the road before the traffic got too heavy which we did and arrived home at 1:45pm. Some of the group went south toward Myrtle Beach instead of going home. We would have liked to joined them but appointments and commitments that prevented us from doing so- maybe, next year!