Friday, March 27, 2009

The Week in Review

Will this has been a week of ups and downs, but that's the way life goes.

Things are going well with selling Mom's house. It looks like we are on schedule for closing at the end of April. We have been taking items that none of the family members wanted to a local auction to dispose of them. We wanted to take a second batch of items to the auction, but found out that they were not having a sale the following week and not taking any items. Since we had such a good response selling Mom's car on Craigs list, we decided to list several items to see if we could sell them. Within several hours of listing the items we began to get phone calls and emails. We were able to sell everything we listed plus a couple of items that weren't listed but people saw when they came to pickup the items they were interested in. So if you have a few items you would like to sell, and by the way craigs list is free, we highly recommend using Craigs list.

We also learned a good friend of ours was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease two weeks ago. That was really shocking news to us. We will be praying for him and his family.

Several of our friends had surgery this week and so did Tom. We are happy to say that all are doing fine.

The weather is getting warmer and soon the grass will need to be mowed. Mowing grass is still better than pushing snow around any day.