Monday, February 23, 2009

Income Tax Day

Well, today was the day we all dread, preparing the annual income tax. I must say I was approaching the Federal return with alot of uneasiness. This past year I started collecting social security payments. For whatever reason I did not file a form to have any federal taxes withheld so I was almost certain that I was going to have a big bite taken out of us. I was right, we owe a nice little chunk of change to Uncle Sam. It doesn't seem right to have to pay taxes on a fixed retirement income, but what can we do, you know that whole death and taxes thing.

Well anyway when TurboTax and I finished preparing the necessary form and doing the efiling thing, I selected Friday, march 13th, 2009 as the day to make the payments to the IRS and the state of Maryland.

I just hope that all of the government agencies that are hungry for money don't nickle and dime us into the poor house over the next several years. The problem is that we have the Federal governemnt, state government, county government, city government as well as the business community all trying to get their hands just a little bit deeper into our pockets.