Monday, November 24, 2008

You Gotta Have Heart. . .

Wednesday morning we received a call from our daughter-in-law, Beth that Todd was on his way back to the hospital with chest pains. She was on her way back home from work when she called. She said she would call us from the hospital in Richmond and give us an update.

Later in the day, Beth, called and told us they felt that the wire from Todd's defibrillator/pacemaker came loose inside of his heart and was causing his discomfort. Thursday afternoon he was in surgery to repair the wire placement. He came thru the surgery with flying colors. On Friday he was released to come go home again.

While all of Todd's cardiac problems were going on, Leah was awaiting cardiac testing herself. On Monday I drove her to University of Maryland in Baltimore to have a cardiac cath. The results were mixed. Her arteries are in fine shape, but she has a mitral valve that needs repaired. She is going to wait until after the holidays before having anything done.