Saturday, August 02, 2008

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Yesterday, August 1, was my bithday. I told Tom the night before that I was not cooking on my birthday and he said "okay". After checking the "Exit Authority" Tom said that we would get up and go about 12 miles down the road and stop at a Cracker Barrel. So we did and I had a wonderful French toast breakfast, not my normal oatmeal breakfast. We drove down I-75 and then picked up Rte. 127 from Danville. It was scenic, hilly and curvy and could have used more guard-railing in some places for my comfort. Along the way there were flea markets set up. We were told later that these fleas markets will be increasing for the next several weeks until the markets will stretch for hundreds of miles through 3 states on route 127.
We checked into Spring Lake Campground in Crossville, Tennessee. And then we finished the day by going to La Costa Restarant for dinner.

This morning after walking around the campground's lake with Travis we set out on a drive in this area. There are many RVers that have settled in this area and we were curious. We stopped and went through an open house of a house situated on a lake- very nice property but the house was much larger than we thought. There is an entire community of homes with RV garages in Crossville. We drove through that area. The community is very attractive and well maintained.
We had contacted a friend, Lois Howard, that lives in the area and arranged to meet. We drove to Lois' home that is being built and then we went to Cooksville for lunch at a Cheddars restaurant. We had a very enjoyable time catching up.

It has been quite warm and humid so the air conditioning is going full blast. Well tomorrow we'll be moving closer to home as we head out I-40 to I-81 up through Virginia.