Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Fever and Fan Motor Problem

Boy oh boy, what a day. The tempature was 68 degrees and Spring was in the air everywhere we went today. Some people were even talking about planting flowers. Now that is really pushing spring...

We are still in Maryland because of family medical problems and now we can add a motorhome problem to the list. On Monday Tom started the generator for its monthly run. When he started the front dometic Duo-Therm Heat pump, to put a load on the generator, the fan would not run. JR's RV Repairs in Gettysburg, Pa was called to look at the unit.

JR contacted Dometic and found out that there was a bad run of fan motors and as luck would have it, we have one. Dometic is sending a replace fan motor and we should have the motorhome back next week. The driveway looks empty without it being parked there.

And the Maryland Terps lost to Boston College in the ACC Tournment. Blew a 25 point lead... (:-(