Friday, February 22, 2008

Bad News Day

This morning was a very, very bad news day for us. We were watching the news this morning when we learned that a friend's 39 year old son was killed in an auto accident yesterday evening. He was a dentist and the father of 6 children, all of whom were in the car with him at the time of the accident.

After hearing the name of the driver on the news this morning, we checked our email to see if we had received anything from our church as to weather or not this was the same person we knew. Much to our dismay it was.

We also received another email from a member of our camping group that his wife passed away yesterday evening. How shocking and sudden it was for us to read this.

After 3 months our sister-in-law is not showing any signs of improvement from the massive stroke she suffered the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

All of this just reminds us how short and precious life can be and to live and enjoy it.

Also this brings to mind a saying we heard years ago, "When you say goodbye to someone, say it like its the last time you will ever see them."