Monday, June 18, 2007

Exhaust Gasket Blowout

This was day two of our trip. Our plan was to go from Fayette, Ohio to Rockford, Il.

We made a fuel stop in Indiana and as we were coming up to highway speed, the exhaust started to make a very loud noise. Well, we heard this noise several year ago when the exhaust gasket blew on the right side of the engine.

When we arrived at our stop for the night in Rockford, Il. I checked things out and it appears that the exhaust gasket on the left side blew. We will have to wait until we return to Taneytown, Md to have it repaired.

Several years ago we had a Gibson Exhaust System installed and from what the installer said, they used a very poor gasket. I have to say I agree with him. I called Gibson after the first Gasket blew and got the line that they never had a problem with the gaskets that they supply with the exhaust kit. If you are thinking about using a Gibson Exhaust System, DON'T.

Our travels will continue, but with a bit more noise during the trip.