Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Driving in the Rain

We spent most of our traveling days driving in the rain. On the final travel day, the motorhome was saying enough of this stuff already. It was raining very hard which makes driving a chore.

Our motorhome is a Ford V-10 powered unit. One big problem is it does not like hard rain. Rain gets sucked into the air intake and causes the engine to stumbel and miss. We had the first modification installed to correct this problem, but it was not very effective.

Our next to last night on the road was spent in Victoria, Texas. When I went into the office to register for the night, a man in the office area asked where abouts in Maryland I was from. I told him I was from Carroll County and a little town called Taneytown. He said he know where Taneytown was as he was from New Windsor. New Windsor is about 10 miles from Taneytown, small world.

Anyway, getting back to the water ingestion problem. We were about 50 to 60 miles North of our destination when the motorhome started its stumbling and missing. Leah and I kept our fingers crossed that the missing would not get worse and we would make it to our destination.
To make matters worse, I missed a turn off and was off course. It was decided to continue on South and take a route that would take us a few miles more rather than turn around and find the correct turn.

We called the campground we wanted to stay at for our stay in the RGV, but was told they were full. On to plan B. We called Texas Trails RV Resort in Pharr, Texas and was told they had room for us. So, we go to Pharr.