Thursday, December 07, 2006

Big Expenses

The past month has hammered the bank account pretty bad. While in Va. for our sons wedding, we had to purchase four new tires for the car. Tom was going to replace them is a week or two, but a flat tire changed the time schedule.

After coming home from Ohio, Leah went to do some laundry and said the washing machine was making a "funny" noise. Well, later that day found us shopping for a new washing machine at Lowe's. We found a very nice front loading machine and had it delivered the next day.

Things happen in threes or so they say. :-( The TV in the family room stopped working, so several days later we went to Sam's Club and purchased a Sharp LCD widescreen TV. Just to let you know, things don't always happen in threes. Leah went to use the blender two days ago and it broke. So, along with Christmas shopping yesterday, a replacement blender was purchased.

We decided that Christmas just came a bit early for us this year and we will not be buy each other much. It will still be a nice Christmas for us as we will have time with family and friends.