Wednesday, September 06, 2006


This past weekend we went camping with members of our Goodsam group. Tom and Leah were one of three host couples for the Laborday Weekend. We left home Friday Morning heading South towards Williamsburg, Va. Guess what was heading North? Yep, Ernesto.

We drove in rain about two thirds of the trip. The further South we went the more rain we encountered. Traffic was backed up on I-95 several miles North of the I-64 turn off. Some guy was in the medium stip in a jeep and was not making any headway in getting out. The backup was caused by rubber neckers.

The trip was going along fairly smoothly in spite of the heavy rains until we got within three miles of our exit. Traffic was stopped because of downed trees and power lines. It took us an hour to go three miles.

When we got to the campground, we found out the electric was out. About 7 PM the power was restored. One trailer in the campground was not very lucky as you can see in the picture. Boy, were we glad we were camped in the open.